The deadline for receipt of the works extends until September 05

Upper Airway
At a Glance

Thursday 14, Friday 15, october 2021
Clínica Alemana, Santiago - Chile



• Update knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, pediatric and
adult, with oral breathing / chronic upper airway obstruction.
• Propose treatment algorithms based on the available evidence.
• Criteria and interdisciplinary referral work



• Oral breathing and chronic upper airway obstruction, etiology,
epidemiology and impact on individual and population health
• Relationship of oral respiration and chronic upper airway obstruction with
sleep-associated obstructive breathing disorder (snoring, syndrome of
obstructive sleep apnea)
• Exams and their effectiveness
• Interdisciplinary evaluations and treatments (ENT, orthodontics, maxillofacial,
sleep specialist, speech therapy, kinesiology)
• ENT surgical treatments: nasal, oral and pharyngeal
• Maxillofacial surgery in chronic upper airway obstruction
• Presentation of 6 best research papers selected



Dra. Leila Kheirandish-Gozal
Dr. David Gozal
Dra. Stacey L. Ishman
Dr. Stanley Yung-Chuan Liu



Dra. Edda Pruzzo C.
Dra. Lorena Retamales S.



Dra. María Pilar Santelices B.
Dra. Ximena Muñoz G.
Klga. Vivian Briones S.
Flga. Romina Argandoña G 



Flga. Pamela López P
Dra. Marcela Arredondo A.
Flga. Paula Moris S.
Dra. Milena Agurto V.
Klga. Daniela Jorquera C.
Dra. Ignacia González P. 



Servicio de Otorrinolaringología
Departamento de Cirugía
Clínica Alemana de Santiago

Servicio de Odontología
Clínica Alemana de Santiago

Departamento Desarrollo Académico e Investigación
Clínica Alemana de Santiago



• The course will be totally virtual.

• Registration for the course will only be made via the internet (online) at:

• Once the registration is made, attendees will be able to access the exhibitions 48 hours before the start of the course for their early review. They will be able to ask their questions to each exhibitor on the virtual platform of the course, on the right side of each conference, entering the tab marked with the name Q&A (Questions and Answers). Questions may be asked from 48 hours before the official date of the course until the date and time indicated for the presentation indicated in the scientific program.

• Conferences in English language will not have a Spanish translation.

• Attendees will be able to access the conferences for 60 days after the course. It will be required to be registered.

• Definitive program soon at

• The program will include the presentation of 6 research papers. Information and instructions for sending it to and Abstract submission deadline August 5.

• Attendees may not make partial or total recording, broadcast or reproduction of the presentations out of respect for the authors' rights of the speakers.

• Questions and doubts contact



Agurto Veas, Milena
Arredondo Amigo, Marcela
Bachelet Ramos, Cristián
Bertrán Salinas, Katalina
Brockmann Veloso, Pablo
Caulier Femenía, Carolina
Castillo Farías, Felipe
Cisternas Villalobos, Ariel
Culaciati Tapia, Felipe
Fernández Losier, Francisca
Giugliano Villarrroel, Carlos
Íñiguez Cuadra, Rodrigo
Krakowiak Gómez, María José
Operpaur Wilckens, Bernd
Paredes Wrebka, Alejandro
Perez Lindemann, Claudia
Pruzzo Chandía, Edda

Espinoza Mellado, Paula
Muñoz Godoy, Ximena
Pesce Ortega, María Cecilia
Retamales Soto, Lorena
Santelices Baeza, María Pilar
Yanine Montaner, Nicolás

Argandoña Germain, Romina
Inostroza Allende, Felipe
López Pinto, Pamela
Moris Sanhueza, Paula
Saba Samur, Cecilia
Villanueva Bianchini, Pía

Briones Sindermann, Vivian
Jorquera Campos, Daniela
Navarrete Alvarez, Daniel
Rozas Maureira, Oriana 



Facultad de Medicina Clínica Alemana – Universidad del Desarrollo
Sociedad Chilena de Otorrinolaringología, Medicina y Cirugía de Cabeza y Cuello (SOCHIORL)
Sociedad de Ortodoncia de Chile (SORTCH)
Sociedad Chilena de Odontopediatría (SCHOP)
Colegio de Fonoaudiólogos de Chile
Sociedad de Kinesiología Maxilofacial (SOKIMAX)
Sociedad de Cirugía y Traumatología Bucal y Maxilofacial de Chile
Sociedad Chilena de Pediatría
Sociedad Chilena de Medicina del Sueño (SOCHIMES)
Sociedad Chilena de Neumología Pediátrica (SOCHINEP)
Colegio de Tecnólogos Médicos de Chile 



Médico, odontólogo miembro de SOCHIORL, SORTCH, SCHOP                                $ 30.000
Médico, odontólogo no miembro de SOCHIORL, SORTCH, SCHOP$ 40.000
Otro profesional de la salud miembro de Colegio de fonoaudiólogos, SOKIMAX
(fonoaudiología, kinesiología)
$ 25.000
Otro profesional de la salud no miembro de Colegio de fonoaudiólogos, SOKIMAX
(fonoaudiología, kinesiología, tecnología médica)

$ 30.000
Estudiante de postgrado acreditado (carta)$ 25.000
Estudiante de pregrado                      $ 10.000
Profesional extranjero (cualquier profesión)                                                                  $ 45.000$ 65
Médico, odontólogo, profesional de Clínica Alemana/Universidad del Desarrollo
(adjuntar copia credencial corporativa) 

Instructions for applying for the presentation of research papers

• Abstracts of papers sent for selection must consider areas related to chronic upper airway respiratory obstruction, oral breathing, and / or sleep-disordered breathing associated with specialties of Otolaryngology, Dentistry, Speech Therapy, Kinesiology, Pediatrics, Medicine of the Sleep, Maxillofacial and others.

• The categories of the works to be selected are: research work, clinical case report and bibliographic review. The mode of presentation will be through videoconference. The works must not have been previously published or presented in another scientific instance (publications, conferences).

• The presenters of the works cannot be undergraduate students.

• To apply, the attached form must be completed indicating the following information:
Title of presentation.
Full details of the authors and co-authors. Names, email address, address, phone number, affiliation: department, institution / hospital, city, country.
Abstract text - 250 word limit.
Bibliography - Maximum 10 citations.
Indicate that it has been approved by the Ethics Committee. Depending on the nature of the investigation, you may be asked to confirm that you received ethical clearance (if applicable) and to declare any conflicts of interest in your submission (if applicable) before completing the submission process.
In the clinical case report, you must specify if you have authorization from the patient or her guardian to expose her images or videos. Attach informed consent.

• The application form below must be sent.

Final submission deadline for abstracts extends until September 05

• All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee. 6 works will be selected to be included in the course program. It will be notified via email if the abstract was selected for oral presentation before August 10.

• It is a requirement that the presenter of the accepted work enroll in the course. If the work was selected and the presenter is not registered, the coordination for sending their presentation will not be authorized.

• The duration of the presentation will be 10 minutes, under the videoconference mode supported by powerpoint. It will be required to record the presentation in coordination with the company organizing the course within 3 weeks before the course date. The recordings will take place from August 16 to September 23, 2021. You can schedule the date that is convenient for you and that is available at the link
In this link you must mark the day and time that suits you to record.

Download file with recommendations for recording your exhibition.

• The recording will be available to registered attendees for 60 days after the presentation.
• Specific information required in the summary by category:

1. Research work:

2. Clinical case report:
Case report

3. Bibliographic reviews:
Literature review


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